A Little History:

Floorcloths originated in the 18th century when colonists from England brought over the idea of floorcloths as decorative but economical floor coverings. Originally made of sailcloth remnants, they were a durable, practical way to bring color and design into the home.  But with the eventual introduction of linoleum and wall-to-wall carpeting, floorcloths became a thing of the past.  However, over the past decades, the renewed interest in natural, eco-friendly products for the home has paved the way for the beauty of hardwood floors, and in turn, the resurgence of floorcloths for protection and decoration.

The Process:

For over 25 years, Paige has created her colorful, whimsical and unique floorcloths. Paige hand-paints her floorcloths using top-quality, water-based primers, paints and varnish.  The canvas is heavy cotton duck with a carefully measured hem.  The process begins by applying primer, followed by two coats of quality exterior latex paint, all specifically selected for flexibility and durability. The design is then painted on with vibrant acrylic paints.  Five coats of a water-based varnish are applied to create a functional surface meant for heavy traffic, easy maintenance and longevity. Some of Paige's floorcloths have been around for 20 years and still look great.

In order to give her customers exactly what they want, in terms of color, design and dimensions, Paige often creates floorcloths on commission.  To get started on your own floorcloth commission, click on Custom Orders above.  For inspiration, click on Floorcloths and then Gallery of Floorcloths.